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World champion athlete Eurico Da Silva makes motivation tangible. His talks and custom-developed programs fuse an incredible underdog story with battle-tested mental performance systems that drive real-world change for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. His story? Not a fairytale. It was a hard-fought journey forged in the fire of 2,900+ victories and seven Canadian championship titles as a world-class professional athlete. Now, he shares his secrets, igniting peak performance in athletes, CEOs, and individuals who want to finally tap into their full potential. Are you ready to rewrite your own victory story?

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Eurico Rosa da Silva is a speaker, coach and former professional Hall Of Fame Jockey. A world multi-champion on the racetracks in Asia and North America, his story begun on the outskirts of São Paulo in a small town called Buri. From a very humble background, facing financial and emotional difficulties during his childhood, when Eurico became a teenager he discovered his passion for horses.

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Eurico Rosa da Silva is a dynamic speaker and former professional jockey (retired December 2019), with records set around the world and over 2,900 career wins, including back-to-back wins of the Queen’s Plate (2009 and 2010) and seven-time winner of the Sovereign Awards as Canada’s Outstanding Jockey.

Performance Coaching

Leveraging his own decades of experience as a world-champion jockey and armed with proven coaching techniques, Eurico will help you perfect your own winning mindset: to strengthen your confidence, to work through your roadblocks and to solidify your unshakable belief in your true potential.

World Champion Jockey

Certified performance and NLP coach. Coaching your mindset for your sports team. Your greatest ally in unlocking your true potential.


“Eurico has changed my life. With his training, my mind is now sharper, more focused, and highly efficient. With his guidance I reckindled long lost relationships and learned to defeat stress and anxiety. He is the real deal – enjoy the ride!” – J.F., professional tennis player

“I’ve been working with Eurico for I would say almost 2 years now I started in 2019 and it’s been a journey there’s been some challenges and some trials in my life. I have overcome them with Eurico he’s honestly just been amazing every step of the way he’s given me the tools to handle myself and situation’s in life and in sport to the highest level I can possibly achieve and I just want to say that he is one of the most kind hearted thoughtful caring people I’ve ever met in my entire life and his ability as a life coach and a person to connect with people, to inspire them and teach them to go back to the roots has been nothing short of amazing!” – J.R., legal branch executive

“For the last year, Eurico has provided our teenage son with much needed guidance and advice. It is wonderful to see the improvement in focus, thought organizational skills, goal setting and communication. The most noticeable improvement was in academics and athletic performance. Results that would have been very difficult to achieve without Eurico.” – A.A., mother of 15 year old tennis player

“We were thrilled to have Eurico Rosa Da Silva as the featured speaker at our recent Canadian Mental Health Association, York Region Speaker Series event. Eurico is a passionate advocate for mental health and mental wellness, who peppered his talk  with personal anecdotes, humour and enthusiasm. His warm and engaging manner, coupled with raw honesty and boundless enthusiasm, inspired all of us to consider our own personal journeys to greatness.” – Catherine Matzig

My Book

Born on a dairy farm in an impoverished community in rural Brazil, Eurico Rosa da Silva determined at an early age that he would become a champion jockey.

With implacable focus, he pursued his goal, first in Brazil, then through Macao to Canada, where he earned a reputation as an intensely focused and good-humoured competitor. But for Eurico, the real challenge in his life had little to do with horse racing.

Learn more about that challenge and how Eurico overcame them both as an athlete and a sports mindset coach in his book, Riding for Freedom.



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