“I believe that anyone can become the best version of themselves in every area of their lives.”

Sports Mindset Coaching from World Champion Eurico Da Silva

A Legacy of Winning

World-class athlete. Mentor. Coach. Builder of champions. Meet Eurico Da Silva. With over 2,900 career wins and a professional sports journey spanning nearly three decades, Eurico has built a globally recognized legacy in the horse racing world.

Career Achievements:

● Seven-time Canadian Sovereign Award winner
● Historic victory at the 2017 World Jockey Championship in Japan
● Inductee, Canadian Horse Hall of Fame
● Multiple wins at prestigious races including the Queen’s Plate

His secret? The power of the mind. Eurico’s story is one of resilience, fierce determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His determination to succeed, even when the odds seemed stacked against him, is a testament to the champion spirit and the power of perseverance – something that he now helps athletes cultivate.

Architecting Champions & Building Winners

Apart from the wins, there’s more to Eurico than being a world-champion jockey. His true passion lies in helping others achieve their own goals and dreams. After retiring from racing, Eurico took his 20+ years of sports expertise and transitioned into mental performance coaching. Now, he’s building champions, helping athletes achieve their competitive ambitions by using the same mental empowerment frameworks he employed throughout his renowned professional sports career.

Leveraging his deep-level insight into mental strength, Eurico’s sports mindset coaching is helping athletes around the globe evolve from competitors to champions. As a certified mindset performance coach and NLP expert, Eurico specializes in turning raw potential into real-world sports excellence.

Focus Areas:

● Building mental resilience and a champion mindset
● Personalized strategies for mental agility and focus
● Turning negative emotions into elite athletic ability
● Overcoming performance anxiety for peak results

Giving Athletes the Mental Edge

Mindest is everything in sports. And the difference between a good athlete and a champion-level athlete is often mental, not physical. This is where Eurico excels. As a leading provider of sports mindset coaching, Eurico understands the hidden, often nuanced challenges that athletes face in getting to next-level performance.

● Energy Management for optimal day-to-day performance
● Quantum Change Process (QCP) to address core belief systems and unresolved issues
● Establishing SMART goals for system-based achievement
● Eradicating limiting beliefs to drive elite, world-class performance improvements

Connect with a Champion-Builder

Tired of being second-best? Unsure how to take your game to champion-level performance? Eurico is ready to guide you in your journey to greatness. Start with a free consultation today, and take the first step to winning – in athletics and life.

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