Performance Coaching

Leveraging his own decades of experience as a world-champion jockey and armed with proven coaching techniques, Eurico will help you perfect your own winning mindset: to strengthen your confidence, to work through your roadblocks and to solidify your unshakable belief in your true potential.

Eurico will help you optimize your performance by focusing on:

Energy Management:
Knowing how and where to apply your energy can make the difference between a successful and a wasted day. Using a combination of techniques meant to optimize your diet, rest, focus and exercise patterns, Eurico can help you create a system that brings your mind and body into greater synergy – helping you eat, sleep and perform better.

QCP – Quantum Change Process:
QCP is an effective technique for unrooting and addressing unresolved issues and core belief systems that anchor in our unconscious mind: issues that negatively impact our consciousness and suppress our ability to craft truly fulfilling lives.

Establishing SMART goals:
Achieving your goals takes more than jotting down a list and haphazardly pursuing them. Without a systematic and repeatable process, fully realising those goals is impossible. Eurico can work with you to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals, helping you build a path to fulfilling even your grandest of goals.

Establishing SMART goals:
Our beliefs about our capabilities can often limit us: they can hold us back, stifle our performance and prevent us from achieving our fullest potential. Eurico will help you identify, understand and erase those restrictive beliefs, allowing you to perform at the elite levels you were intended to.

Anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame are all powerful – and debilitating – emotions that often stand in the way of where we are and where we want to be. Through powerful questions and proven techniques, Eurico can help you master these areas in your life – enabling you to craft and fulfill your goals.

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Sports Psychologist

Competitive sports can be a demanding environment. The pressures of performing, winning, and losing can overwhelm an athlete and overpower their love for the game.

It is no surprise that these demands can affect an athlete’s mental health. A well-trained sports psychologist can be a great resource to give care and services.


What is a Sports Psychologist?

It is important to first understand what sports psychology is. According to the American Psychological Association or APA, sports psychology is the ability to use psychological skills and knowledge to help athletes with:

  • Optimal performance and well-being
  • Developmental and social aspects of sports participation
  • Systemic issues within the sports environment

A sports psychologist provides interventions that help athletes, as well as coaches and parents, with the right tools for success. Regardless of levels of competition or age, a sports psychology coach can benefit your performance.


Mindset Sports Psychology

The moment you enter competitive sports, everyone around you is talented. More often than not, each player is there because they have the skill to play. When everyone is talented, what gives a player more leverage? The answer is the right mindset.

Mindset sports psychology is not just about developing your strengths and weaknesses. You can think differently than the rest. This is where mindset plays a huge role in success.

The challenge for many is how to have the right winning mindset. It is easier to determine what to work on when it comes to physical challenges and game strategies. However, mental health and the depth of it can be more challenging to bear.

A sports psychology coach can guide you to developing a growth mindset. In mindset sport psychology, this is your willingness to be open and learn. It covers not just learning the game but also learning more about what you are capable of.

Let a sports psychology coach like Eurico Da Silva guide you through the process of self-discovery and achieving greatness.

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Sports Psychology for Athletes

Sports psychology for Athletes traditionally is aimed at developing:

  • Mental toughness to cope with challenging situations
  • Focus and recovery habits such as mindfulness
  • A connection between your values and goals

However, psychological concepts can be used in so many other ways to better understand what an athlete needs. The more you understand where an athlete is coming from, the better it is to pinpoint mental strategies that can help.


How Coaching Youth Sports Psychology Can Help

These mental strategies in sports psychology for young athletes can improve focus. Most often, players are always focused on hitting the ball or making that jump. This is when distractions and anxiety come in. Shifting your focus on the moment instead of the result is when magic can happen.

Coaching youth sports psychology can also build confidence. Being on a team already means you are talented. However, the pressure and demands of the game can give way to self-doubt. Discovering the source of low self-confidence and finding the right tools to power through can make the difference.

Pressure and high-expectations are always going to be part of sports. Athletes must have the right tools to manage these expectations and stay on top of the game. Sports psychology for young athletes is important to equip athletes with mental and emotional management.

For example, sports psychology for jockeys can help foster a jockey mindset. Stamina, balance, coordination, and the right body mass are required to be a top performer. Having the right mindset allows jockeys to be more disciplined in terms of training, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet.


Trusting a Sports Psychology Coach

The competitive climate of sports, in general, can be both exciting and overwhelming. It is important to have the right people guiding you through your journey to success.

Eurico Da Silva is a former professional jockey. His accolades include winning the Queen’s Plate twice and the Sovereign Awards as Canada’s Outstanding Jockey seven times. Two-decades of award-winning success have taught him a lot of lessons on being a great player on the track and in life.

From mindset sports psychology to sport psychology for jockeys, Eurico Da Silva will support you in unlocking your greatness. Whether you are looking for one-on-one sports mindset coaching or group workshops, Eurico can help!

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