How to improve professional development

Tip 1: “Tell me what you think and what you want and I will tell you how high you will go”. This tip refers to the importance of dreams, goals and objectives. Have a clear mind of what you really want and what you need to do to get there. Your goal will be the goal of your professional development.

Tip 2: Never settle for less, strive to be among the best, when you get there, aim higher and decide to be the best of the best.

Tip 3: Never stop studying and learning, because life never stops teaching. Study, learn and practice, because practice is what will bring you true knowledge.

Tip 4: Learn to deal with your emotions and especially with the emotion of others, and discover the power of human relationships for networking and teamwork.

Tip 5: Be a positive, proactive and worthy person. “They, who do more than what they are paid to do, receive from life much more than what they have done”.

Tip 6: Strive to have eagle eyes, elephant ears and buttoned lips. That is, see and hear more and talk less. The world will always listen to your actions more than your words.Not everyone will listen to what you say, but everyone will listen to what you do.

Tip 7: Befriend change and keep an open mind to the new, the opposite and the different, so never stop believing, because those who believe always achieve!

Wise advice

I would like to share another lesson I learned very early in life. This learning refers to Tip 6 (eagle eyes, elephant ears and buttoned lip). When I arrived for the first time at the São Paulo Jockey Club, in the state capital, to compete with great jockeys already established in the world of horseracing, I met a man who was a breeder of a thoroughbred horse (that day, I had won one of the races with his horse). On that occasion, the breeder invited me to have dinner with him, after a ay of racing, at a renowned restaurant in the capital.

At the time, I was only 16 years old and I was very motivated and euphoric with everything that was happening, and at dinner, I started talking nonstop. As a mature, wise and very polite person, he listened to me attentively, and as soon as I finished, he asked me permission to give me some advice and, right after he said, “Eurico, it is not by chance that we are born with two ears and only one mouth. This means that we should listen more and talk less. Always listen much more, and talk much less. It may sound cliché, but few people actually practice it”.

An advice that I received at age 16 from a very successful man that I have never forgotten, and that I now share with you.