How to measure professional development

In the horseracing world, professional development was not an option, it was an obligation. I always knew and felt that I was developing professionally when I won a race or came close to winning.

Day in and day out, I had to be a high performance athlete to stay on the racetracks and compete for victory.

Throughout my jockey career, I was constantly under competitiveness pressure together with a huge desire to win. I learned at a young age that what cannot be measured cannot be improved. Whenever I finished a race, the first thing I did was to get my spreadsheet, which was always with me, and write every detail down, what was right, what went wrong and the impressions and opinions of my team members.

Moreover, of course, other behavioral points that also relates to personal improvement or development were taken into consideration: 100% focus at the present time, avoid thinking about the other competitors, pay attention to emotional balance, shield negative vibes and, synchronized harmony and trust with the horse – my great andmost important partner. I have always practiced these details with great discipline.

It has all made me grow professionally, increased my performance and has taken me to new heights.