I have always believed that I could do more

I was a very successful professional jockey for almost 30 years. I began competing in Brazil, where I practically started from scratch. Soon, I acquired experience and had many victories over the years. Then, I went to Macau, where once again, I started at the bottom until I was among the best winners. When a new opportunity arose, I went to compete in Canada. I also competed in the United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, where I won the title of World Champion after competing with the best in the world and winning the World Jockey Championship.

By 2017, I had already won more than 2500 races. I was already a world champion jockey. Even so, I did not settle down. I carried on with my high intensity training routine on my mechanical horse with the help of my physical trainer. Every training session was recorded, so that together, we could observe and study in detail where I could improve, because I always believed I could do more. In addition to the races and training, I also hired a professional to help improve my mental health and personal life, as I knew how much it helped me to stay focused on my goals and objectives.

It was precisely the sum of all the factors above that in 2018 I managed to break the record for wins in a season here in Canada. Jockey Mickey Wall from Vancouver set the previous record in 1991 with 221 wins. In the 2018 season, I had 237 wins. Throughout my career, I gathered this and other examples of professional development, and after my retirement as a jockey in 2019, my goal became to share my knowledge with people. Whether being in sports, education or in the professional development of employees and companies.