My Book

The Story of Eurico Rosa da Silva

Born on a dairy farm in an impoverished community in rural Brazil, Eurico Rosa da Silva determined at an early age that he would become a champion jockey.

With implacable focus, he pursued his goal, first in Brazil, then through Macao to Canada, where he earned a reputation as an intensely focused and good-humoured competitor. But for Eurico, the real challenge in his life had little to do with horse racing.

Learn more about that challenge and how Eurico overcame them both as an athlete and a sports mindset coach in his book, Riding for Freedom.


Why Did Eurico Write This Book?

As a mindset coach, Eurico is all about helping others reach their full potential, and sometimes the best way to help others is by telling your own story. Eurico has been through a lot to get to where he is now, and he hopes that his story might encourage others to work to the fullest of their potential. As a sports mindset coach and retired jockey, his passion is helping others find ways to overcome their emotional and professional obstacles.


Can I Work with Eurico?

Absolutely, and he’d be delighted to get to know you and help you reach your fullest potential. He has several different mindset coaching programs, so no matter what you need, he has a way to help. And if you’re an athlete, he has decades of experience as a professional jockey that he can pull from to help you succeed. Plus, Eurico understands the importance of mental health for athletes and can help you keep a healthy mind so you can perform at your best in everything you do both on and off the field.


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