Professional and personal development

From the beginning of my career as a jockey, I tirelessly dedicated myself to being a high level professional. I did everything in my power to achieve this, and over the years, I was successful in making it happen.

After 17 years of career, when I turned thirty years old, I realized that I needed to dedicate myself more to my personal development, that is, my mental health and behavioral improvement.

It was at that moment that I deepened my studies to have the necessary knowledge to be able to manage my emotions and better control stress. I learned breathing, relaxation, meditation and mentalization-based techniques.

All this knowledge helped me maximize my results even more.This was the determinant of my professional success. I conclude with a lesson that was very valuable for me and will certainly be useful for you too:

Never settle for the result you have already achieved, go beyond and believe that there is nothing quite so good that it cannot improve.