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The Best Motivational Speaker Doesn’t Just Talk – They Inspire Action

More than a seven-time world champion athlete, Eurico Da Silva is an expert in mental performance and inspiring action through the power of speech. Eurico’s three flagship experiences aren’t feel-good fluff – they’re a blueprint to success, high performance, and life mastery.

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A Mental Performance Masterclass

Forget the dry lectures and dull presentations. Eurico’s approach fuses his story of becoming a world-class champion with deep-level mental performance insights. Each speaking engagement is a masterclass in the mental aspects of elite-level performance, all delivered in a compelling, personable format that keeps audiences captivated.

The Championship Formula

Hard-earned from his 2,900+ professional wins across the world, Eurico’s mental performance expertise goes beyond just retelling his story –  he reveals the exact mental systems and processes that drove him to dominate the professional sports circuit for 20+ years. Eurico’s secret weapon? The Championship Formula

The Championship Formula’s seven-step approach lays out Eurico’s framework in a way that’s easily digestible, and most importantly, highly actionable for listeners of all levels. From company-leading executives to performance teams such as sales or account management, The Championship Formula is used by businesses and organizations around the world:

1. The Miracle of Details
2. The Miracle of Training
3. The Miracle of Discipline
4. The Championship Formula
5. Mental Freedom
6. The Miracle Of Failure
7. The Miracle of Gratitude

What is the impact of this formula? Undeniable. Higher performance, more resilient teams, and real-world business outcomes.

Empower Your Teams

Eurico’s mental performance speaking isn’t about his past – it’s about the audience’s future and the power of personal development. Beyond the business side of his motivational presentations, his speeches are a shot of adrenaline that awakens our deep desire to unleash our full potential as humans.

● Mental resilience? Unshakeable.
● Distractions? Sliced through with laser-sharp focus.
● Negative emotions? Transformed into fuel for peak performance.
● Doubt? Left in the dust.
● Performance anxiety? Shattered.

No matter where you are in life, Eurico’s seven-step Championship Formula will give you the tools to excel and break through whatever barriers you face. Think of him as a universal translator, deciphering the language of success for any audience looking to claim their own victories.

Keynote Talks and Prices

The Champions Formula – $5500

In this premium 1-hour keynote, Eurico distills his world champion experience into seven success principles, each custom-tailored to the unique challenges of your industry.

The Power of Practice – $3500

A 30-45 minute deep dive where Eurico reveals the four foundational levels to mastering any skill, sharing the hidden secrets that propelled him to the top.

The High-Speed Advantage – $1500

Experience a dynamic 10-20 minute session where Eurico focuses on a single principle from his 7-step success strategy, perfect for a quick yet impactful insight into achieving greatness.

Unlock the Winning Formula

Rewire Your Mindset

Life’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Eurico’s flagship speaking engagements will equip you, your team, or your business for every step, every doubt, and every dream. Ready to learn the secrets of living a high-performance life?

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